Google Rank Tracker

How TweetedRanks Works: Step by Step

Our fun tool was created to provide you with fun and refreshing way to track your Google positions.

Note: Use the tool to track your base term (which is your top-priority keyword) only: you don't want multiple DMs or Google Talk messages a day, do you?

Also note that this tool is free and has been created for fun - so bear with us if you notice any bugs. :)

Step 1: Add your domain:

Click "My Domains" link in the nav bar and add your domain: no full path required:

Add a domain

Step 2: Add your keywords:

The next screen allows you to add the keywords to track. Note that the more keywords you track, the longer the time frame: that is you will be updated daily if you only add one keyword, once per two days if you have added 2 keywords and once per three days if you have added three keywords (this is both to save on our resources and your inbox):

Add your keywords

Step 3: Add your bots

You can add either a Twitter bot or Google Talk bot or both: Just go to "Options" menus and provide your Twitter and / or Google Talk usernames (you will then have to follow the Twitter bot to make sure he can sends you DMs and add the Google bot to friends on Gtalk):

Add bots

You are done! Never miss your important keyword position update: get it straight to your Twitter inbox or Gtalk!

Now just sit back and watch the bot update you of your Google ranking changed:

Twitter DM: rank

You can also login any time to watch the progress via our handy Google-powered chart:

Ranking chart

Looking forward to your feedback!